Saffron For Health

On top of being a wonderful cooking ingredient, Saffron has been discovered its uses as a health tonic which naturally does not have side effects. It has been used in medicine, to calm spasms, toothache and liberate energy.
Also used to:

  • To reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • To increase anti-bacterial and anti-viral physiological activity in the body.
  • Used in medicines that reduce inflammations.
  • For treatment of enlarged Liver and infection of Urinary Bladder and Kidneys.
  • As an ingredient in recipes useful in Menstrual disorders.
  • Curing Asthma & Cough.
  • Useful in Colds.
  • To treat Alcoholism.
  • To treat Acne and Skin Diseases.


About 50 mg of Saffron dissolved in a glass of 200ml milk and a spoonful of sugar makes a very tasty drink which is also a health tonic. A regular intake of this every day for a period of time enables the body to build resistance against a lot of common diseases such as Asthma, Common colds claim Ayurvedic Practitioners. But beware, normal use should stay within 0,10 gram a day, as this spice has a strong flavour. Saffron was used in traditional as drugs.

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